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Going with the Flow

Images of the Holy Spirit always denote an active, living energy and movement: Fire, River, Wind, Rain…  There is a natural flow to our spiritual lives and to any type of growth we experience.  But sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes…

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The Heart of the Matter

As our BEYOND RESOLUTIONS journey continues, we are exploring our core personal values. Our values are usually deeply rooted in us – often a combination of the core seed God has planted in us and the values and traditions we…

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Mirror, Mirror (Beyond Resolutions 1.2)

Welcome to the second journal assignment for “Beyond Resolutions.”  Today’s entry is all about perspective. The term “Selfie” comes to mind – so many people taking snapshots of themselves throughout the day for facebook or other social media. Today we…

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You Are Beautiful. Be Happy!

My cousin, Laura, shared this video with me today on facebook. She said, “It reminded me of you and how you always tell people they are beautiful.” How sweet is that? The real kudos go to Trent Shelton (, a…

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Beyond Resolutions

I know, I know … you’re not even done with Christmas shopping!  Don’t worry, I am NOT going to ask you to do anything for the new year.  Not yet at least! I just wanted to let you know about…

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Like Birds of the Air

Do you go from moment to moment worrying about whether or not you will take your next breath (or how to, or if your breathing is as good as the next guy’s)?  Natural growth does not include worry …

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