The Heart of the Matter

As our BEYOND RESOLUTIONS journey continues, we are exploring our core personal values. Our values are usually deeply rooted in us – often a combination of the core seed God has planted in us and the values and traditions we have been taught by our families or communities from childhood.  Wherever their start, they do contribute to the core of who we are.
         When our values and our actions match up, life feels good and satisfying! But when there is a rub between what really matters to us and what’s happening in our daily lives, we can become discouraged, frustrated and lost in stressful despair.  
Feel free to participate in the following exercise and reply with your core values and your thoughts about how you are growing your life with or without them at the base of your decision making.
JOURNAL ASSIGNMENT 1.4:  I’ve attached a list of personal values (see VALUES tab at top of blog screen) with instructions on how to narrow this list down to your FIVE CORE VALUES. Why is this important? Because your values drive your decisions. Your values – often developed through your experiences from the time you were a child – are a cornerstone of who you are.  (You will need to print this out to do the exercise).Once you have narrowed down your list of personal values, take a look back over your earlier journal entries. Do you see your values reflected in these thoughts? Does the “Where You Are” of your life match up with your values? If so, you are probably feeling highly satisfied in your life. You might have goals you want help reaching, but I’m guessing that your overall life satisfaction is high. If there are conflicts between your core values and the way life is for you right now, then you are probably feeling the stress, and your goals for the rest of this program might center around bringing the circumstances of your life into sync with those values to increase your overall sense of peace and ready yourself for external progress. As always, you decide.

If you aren’t yet signed up for BEYOND RESOLUTIONS, you might want to do that.  Participants who are registered receive daily emails of journal prompts, personal prayer, some one-on-one email communication (if requested) and have a higher level of accountability (which leads to a more complete and successful growth experience).  Registration is open until midnight this Sunday, 1/19/2014.
VERSE FOR THE DAY: “Do not be afraid, you who are highly esteemed,” he said. “Peace! Be strong now; be strong.” When he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, “Speak, my lord, since you have given me strength.”  (Daniel 10:19) 

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