Beyond Resolutions

take actionI know, I know … you’re not even done with Christmas shopping!  Don’t worry, I am NOT going to ask you to do anything for the new year.  Not yet at least!

I just wanted to let you know about a new, 10-week challenge available to you starting January 12, 2014.  It’s called “Beyond Resolutions” and it is a Journal-Coaching project to help you go beyond those New Year’s Resolutions you’ve made in the past.

In BEYOND RESOLUTIONS, you will identify your values and passions, set goals AND create an action plan to meet those goals.  You will face your self-sabotage behaviors head-on and deal with some of your time-wasting habits.  Most of all, IF you choose, you will make real progress and set the stage for an AWESOME and PRODUCTIVE 2014!!

You will find more information and a sign-up form HERE.  So SIGN UP NOW!! Then watch your email for instructions, encouragement, and a host of personal challenge exercises!

Oh – I almost forgot – weekly blog posts for BEYOND RESOLUTION will allow you to join with other women who are working as hard has you are to create your BEAUTIFUL LIVES!  So you won’t be going it alone.  AND all of this is FREE OF CHARGE.  But you will have to work for it.

Are you ready?

4 Comments on “Beyond Resolutions

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    • Lori, please try again. You scroll to the bottom of the BEYOND RESOLUTIONS page and fill out the form. Name, email & a brief message are required. It just worked for someone else. Please let me know if it does not work for you. Thanks!

  2. It seems to be on-again, off-again. I’ll give it a look. Thanks for letting me know!

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