Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day has always been a day for lovers … hand-holding, shnooky-shnooky, nose-rubbing types of lovers. Husbands and wives. Boyfriends & girlfriends. “Will you marry me?”  “Do you take this man…?”

That’s what it was for me for awhile. Because that’s what I decided it would be.

But wait. Last I checked, there’s no law defining this particular day of the year. No legislative regulation about February 14 in the good ol’ U.S.A.

So while traditions are wonderful and fun and inspiring when they work, let’s not allow our clinging to tradition to cast a shadow on a beautiful day.  Love is everywhere!  Lonely?  Visit a garden!  Isolated?  Take a walk at the park and listen to the birds!  God has given us a beautiful world. So choose to live a beautiful life on February 14 just like you do any other day. Do it for you. Do it for LOVE! Love Everywhere

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