Illustrate to Motivate!

This VISION JAR helps me remember why I’m saving money!

In my studies on human behavior – and in my personal-development journey – I have learned that there are three main learning styles:  Visual (seeing), Auditory (hearing), and Kinesthetic (doing).  Most people have a preference for one or another, or a combination of the three depending on the learning context. I’m primarily a visual learner. This idea is for the visual learners among us.

First, how do I know I’m a “VIsual”? By paying attention. Here are some clues:

  • When I’m introduced to a new group of people, I struggle to remember names that are told to me…unless people are wearing name tags or someone gives me a list of names ahead of time. I will recognize your face, I will connect the written name with your face. Visual me.
  • Remember the story problems in math class? When my kids needed help with theirs, they’d read them to me out loud. Useless. I’m good at math, but auditory learning isn’t my strength. So I’d say, “bring me the book and let me see it.” Then, I’d understand in a minute. Visual.
  • The boss says, “Connie, why didn’t you do XYZ with QRS and GHI?”  I look at her blankly. What? “I told you yesterday…”  But I didn’t write it down. I never saw the detailed instruction – only heard it. I’m Visual, and I need to write things down and look at them to stay on track.

Sound familiar?  If so, you might be a Visual too. And if you are, you’ll benefit from this concept: “Illustrate to Motivate”!

There are many ways to use this:

  • Goals & Meditation: While meditating, visualize your goals. What does your ideal professional look like? If you were watching your dream vacation as a movie, what would you see? How would it look if you had not financial restraints and could live the way you really want to?
  • Vision Board: Cut or print out pictures and words that represent your goals and dreams, and put them on a poster or cork board. Seeing images of your desires creates a dynamic energy to propel you forward.
  • Vision Jar (pictured at the top of this post):  If saving money is a challenge for you, it might be that the process lacks the visual quality you need to maintain motivation. Cover your Coin Jar or Piggy Bank or even your Bank Book with pictures and words of the things you’re saving for – because it’s not about the money, it’s about what the money will help you achieve.

Use these yourself, with your children, at work or in your church. You know the saying: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” So live by it, and Illustrate to Motivate!

For more information on learning styles, visit

For more information on motivation techniques, visit

God bless, have a wonderful day, and keep on Growing Your Beautiful Life!

4 Comments on “Illustrate to Motivate!

  1. I always love your posts, Connie! Just this weekend I was talking with my mother-in-law about how I am primarily an auditory learner. This was after she asked, “Do you always talk to yourself?” Hahaha! I had been working on something on my laptop and had been talking out loud. I explained that yes, I do, and it’s not because I’m crazy! Thanks for the great information and links. Blessings!

    • Anita, you’re too funny! What are some tools that auditory learners use for self-motivation? Perhaps an automatic coin bank that says, “Great job! You’re on your way to that Paris vacation” every time a coin is dropped in, LOL!

      • I really need to find out about some tools for self-motivation geared specifically for auditory learners! I love the talking coin bank idea!!! 🙂

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