Your D. N. A.

DNAMost of you have learned about DNA in the genetics section of biology class.  As I understand it, our DNA contains genetic information about who we will grow to be physically: How our cells will grow and divide. 

That’s not the DNA I’m talking about. I was never good in science and I don’t aim to be now.  The DNA I’m talking about has to do with our spiritual identities.  I’m talking about our Divine Natural Abilities.  I’m talking about the identity God plants in us when we are in our mother’s womb. The DNA that tells us who we are from a perspective of purpose.

None of us decided how tall we’d be or what color eyes we’d have or whether our fingers would be long and slim for piano playing or if the details of our faces would be even and balanced enough for us to be considered “pretty” or “handsome.”  Of course we can manipulate some of our features with surgery when we’re older (if you’re into that sort of thing) – but at our core, we have a certain body to work with which was given to us rather than chosen by us.  What we do with that body is up to us of course. The same goes with our spiritual DNA.

I believe we were all given certain Divine Natural Abilities by God which, if we nurture and develop them, will help us serve others and to grow into our happiest, healthiest, most amazing selves.  

But how to you know your Spiritual DNA?  You can’t take a picture of it with a microscope. And while there’s a good chance others in your family share some aspects of this identity, you can’t really look to anyone else for the answers.  Self-reflection, prayer, and strong, honest relationships often bring out our Divine Natural Abilities as does a willingness to remain aware of your instincts and follow them into opportunities where your will discover yourself.  Your values, your talents, your interests, and those undefinable moments when you feel compelled to speak to a person you see on the street or accept a job that seems a little unusual for you or just say yes to an opportunity that grabs your attention seemingly out of nowhere – all of these things can be your DNA shaping you into your God-ordained life.

It’s just an idea, and I like it.  As a Christian Life Coach, one thing I do is help people discover your spiritual DNA, nurture your talents, and develop the life God has prepared for you.  

I’d love to have your feedback. What would help you live more fully into your spiritual DNA?

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