SMART is Beautiful!

SMARTI love when things fit together.  Here we are, learning to grow our BEAUTIFUL lives, and Coach Laura Link shows up to teach about SMART goals, and I realize once again that SMART IS BEAUTIFUL!

Back in December, I created this whole journaling project with the goal of helping people go “BEYOND RESOLUTIONS” to real action. This is exactly what SMART goals do!  Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed goals takes those broad resolutions (“I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to be more open to relationships”) and makes them real!

Here’s a personal example:  I wanted to be more organized, generally.  One focus area for me is paperwork.  (I’m a pile person.)  I wanted to move my piles into files so that I would always be able to find the papers I needed when I needed them – and to find them quickly.  So of course I needed to do the filing. But first, I needed some file boxes and folders – which I did not have.  So my first SMART Goal towards getting organized read like this:  “I will purchase two file boxes plus hanging folders, file folders, colored labels and colored pens (I’m visual – I’m adding in colors for fun to help my motivation).  I will shop on Wednesday morning approx. 11:30 – after my church meeting.” Notice I didn’t take this any further (into the actual filing process). I kept it simple, definable and focused. I will know when I’ve succeeded and only then will I go on to the next step, whatever that might be.

If you’ve been following along on our journaling (starting 1/12/2014), you will already have a list of action steps to work with for your SMART Goals.  Now your challenge is to write out some SMART Goals … just one or two to start. Keep it focused. Keep it simple. Be SMART and be BEAUTIFUL!

NOTE:  I will be offering a .pdf of the entire Journal Coaching Challenge after the project has been completed.  Interested? Complete the contact form on the “Coaching Packages” page and write “Journal PDF” into the comments to receive more information. 

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