This Way to a New Year

mirrorHow many directions can you go at once?  How many thoughts can you actively attend each moment? Can you keep your eyes ahead while looking over your shoulder?

I recently had an “encounter” with my own limitations … in a parking garage.  I traveled to Colorado for Christmas to see my sons and other family and friends.  While there, I rented a car for a few days so that I could have lunch here and dinner there, catching up with all my ladies (who I miss so much since I moved all the way to South Carolina three years ago).

Anyway, on this particular night I parked in an underground parking garage. Next to a cement pole. (You know what’s coming, don’t you?)  After dinner, my friend, Amy, and I got in the car, still chatty after 3 hours of talking, reminiscing, solving the problems of the world.  As I slowly backed out of the parking space, I tried to watch every direction at once – and talk and listen – all at the same time.  I looked over my right shoulder and that’s when I heard: “CRACK!”  Uh-oh.

I caught the outside mirror on the cement pole. Broke it to bits.

Here are the lessons I am taking into 2014 from that experience: (1) You can really only move in one direction at a time, look in one direction at a time, focus on one thing at a time if you intend to be productive and stay in one piece!  (2) Don’t enter the New Year with your eyes in a rear view mirror.  We’re not looking back – we’re looking forward. So let go of what’s behind and face what is ahead: A brand new year.

Happy New Year, Everyone! And may God bless every day with joy and peace as you grow your beautiful life!

One Comment on “This Way to a New Year

  1. OUCH!!! So sorry about the fender bender, but thanks so much for sharing what you learned from that experience. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, trying to go in several directions at the same time….this is great insight, I’m going to try to concentrate on one thing and do it right!! Happy New Year!!!

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