Coaching FAQ

  • What does a Life Coach do?
    Become a Professional Life Coach!

    Become a Professional Life Coach!

    A Life Coach serves as an encourager and guide to the coachee, helping their client identify values, set goals, stay motivated, and move forward to create the life they long for.

  • What type of goal is appropriate for coaching?
    Coaching is appropriate for many types of goals. You can be coached on anything from organizing your closets or business files to entering a new career … from planning a return to school to weaving more fun into your life. The beautiful thing about is coaching is – it’s all up to you!  Whatever you want to accomplish, you can, and your coach will help.
  • What is the difference between coaching and counseling?
    There are a few significant differences between coaching and counseling. (1) Coaching is all about looking forward and making decisions for your future while Counseling often requires examining your past; (2) Coaching is a process for people who are generally stable and healthy while Counseling often addresses psychological disorders, serious relationship problems or other past- and problem-oriented issues.
    Coaching also differs from mentoring.  Mentors teach from their experience – taking what God has given them in their life and sharing it with you. Coaches will share their own stories once in awhile, but the focus of coaching is on you and the dreams God has planted in your life…drawing your gifts and talents and dreams out of yourself rather than directing you or teaching you from another person’s perspective.
  • Is coaching done in person? What if I don’t live in your area?
    Coaching can take place in person, but most coaching actually takes place by phone. I’m a trained listener! When we set up a coaching session, you will receive a phone number and activation code giving you access to my coaching phone-line. I hope to offer live, group-coaching events as well, in various locations. Watch this blog for updates on events and speaking engagements!
  • Do I have to be a Christian to work with you since you are a Christian Coach?
    You do not have to be a Christian for us to work together. I will ask you a few questions about your beliefs just so that I understand how to encourage and motivate you within the context of your own understanding, and I will never impose my belief-system on you in any way.  That said, I am a Christian and there is a spiritual basis to the way I live my life.  When I prepare for a coaching session, I do pray, read the Bible and seek God’s strength, presence and direction.
  • Will my Coach tell me what to do to reach my goal?
    A good coach will not tell you what to do to reach your goal. Instead, coaches are trained to ask creative questions and lead you to make your own decisions for what will work best in your life.  Your goals, your dreams and your chosen activities are all chosen by you.  Your coach will keep you on task, suggest resources, ask probing questions, encourage you, motivate you, and celebrate your success!
  • What if I change my mind about what I want to accomplish?
    As you explore your own values, goals and life desires, you might find that you want to change the focus of your coaching sessions. That’s okay!  A good coach will help you through that and guide you through refocusing your plan. A good coach will also help you clarify whether you really want to make that shift or whether you’re avoiding your true dreams out of fear or self-sabotage (we all do that now and then).
  • How do I know if I’m a good candidate for coaching?
    I have a brief evaluation form  that will give you insight on whether or not coaching is right for you.  If you find that coaching’s not what you need right now, we can still have a chat and talk about other choices to help you move forward toward the life you long for.  Request your “Am I Coachable” Form HERE. 
  • I’m interested in becoming a Coach. Where do I get training?
    There are many coach training programs.  If you are a Christian and want a top-notch training program that includes Scripture, prayer and the support of other Christian coaches, I highly recommend the Christian Coach Institute where I received my training.  Even if I never continued in my coaching career, the training offered by Janice Lavore-Fletcher and her staff was life-changing for me.

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