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Mirror, Mirror (Beyond Resolutions 1.2)

Welcome to the second journal assignment for “Beyond Resolutions.”  Today’s entry is all about perspective. The term “Selfie” comes to mind – so many people taking snapshots of themselves throughout the day for facebook or other social media. Today we…

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Finding Start: Beyond Resolutions 1.1

My first child was 6 months old when I returned to church after three years of trying the “I don’t need to church to stay focused on God” journey.  My life was messy.  My self-esteem – small.  My marriage and…

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Preparing the Way

You’ve heard, I’m sure, of “the straight and narrow” – the Way of the Lord – God’s Righteous Path.  How is it that, after 54 years, I am only now learning the depth of that truth and what it requires….

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Like Birds of the Air

Do you go from moment to moment worrying about whether or not you will take your next breath (or how to, or if your breathing is as good as the next guy’s)?  Natural growth does not include worry …

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Step One: The Master Gardener

In my last post, I talked about integrity – how it “grows out of who you are at the core of your being…”  But how do we know who we are at our core?  And how did that ‘core’ get…

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